To accustom to the hands of the best Kharkov at the age of 2-3 months. With animals older this process will be much longer and more difficult, and most adult ferrets to accustom to the hands is almost impossible.
After the first time you bring a ferret home, it is not necessary to disturb him and pay a lot of attention. Place it in a cage, give a treat and leave alone. The first two or three days, your communication with him is reduced to simple feeding. A mistake many novice breeders ferrets is that, as soon as possible wanting to accustom the animal to the owner, they are trying to dramatically and suddenly to grab the animal in a cage. This behavior can be very frighten and forever remove from you your pet.
After animal get your feet in a new place, you can begin his training. For starters just try to get near his cage so he saw you put your hand on the bars, so he can get used to your smell. Better, if you teach a ferret to just one person – the owner, and not all members of the family.
As soon as the ferret gets used to the fact that you are with him, start feeding him with it. First of all you will have to wear thick gloves because the animal may bite. Take a piece of bait and put it on my palm. Place your hand in the place where the ferret was usually a bowl. Not worth it to push my hand against it with food – be patient and sooner or later the animal will approach to you.
Once a ferret gets used to taking food from hands, you can try to pet him when he comes for a treat. This should be done very carefully so as not to scare the animal.
When the ferret will normally respond to stroking, you can try to feed him with hands without gloves. When he gets used to your hands, you can try to take him when he is sleeping. If the animal will begin to worry, pet him and give treat. If even after this he didn't calm down, put him in a cage and try to take it the next day.
Teach the ferret to the hands the main thing to do everything slowly, not forcing his attention to the animal and not scaring him with their sharp and sudden action.