Advice 1: How to treat a cold hamster

To maintain the health of your hamster and prevent colds much easier than to treat the disease your pet. If you follow all the rules, then your hamster will always be active and healthy until old age. At the first signs of a cold should immediately take his medication.
How to treat a cold hamster
You will need
  • - Antigrippin for children;
  • - drop the "Enroxil";
  • - Antigrippin homeopathic;
  • - the vitamins;
  • - chamomile.
Hamsters can easily catch a cold and catch it from the person. So if you have a cold, try to decrease your contact with your pet until full recovery. Animals can also feel ill in cells, which are placed in a draught or near a window.
If you notice hamster signs of sneezing or shmygina nose, but he is active and mobile, continues to eat, place it in a warm room away from the window. Make the litter layer more. Usually, with such symptoms, your hamster can get better in a few days. If the healing has not come, and did you notice that the animal's condition worsens, consult your veterinarian, maybe the hamster needs to take medication.
A sick hamster will offer warm water, to which add milk and a little honey. Give him a vitamin preparation in the form of drops "Enroxil" (2 drops morning and evening, taken for 10 days). To prevent colds use of a homeopathic gel (1 pea, 2 times a day, 1 week).
Can you give hamster baby Antigrippin effervescent tablets. To do this, take 1/4 pill for a drinking bottle 75 ml, dissolve, wait for someone to come all gases, because animals can't drink carbonated beverages. The solution mix well.
Add animal vitamins. Fruits and vegetables it will be particularly useful. You can give a special dry vitamins, grind them to powder and sprinkle on food. Colds hamsters can be given an infusion of chamomile. Fill it with boiling water, brew and cool. This broth soak a piece of bread and give to pet.
If the hamster is showing signs of serious cold is discharge from the eyes, drowsiness, weight loss, refusal of food and water, then immediately consult the vet. If time does not start treatment - this can lead to complications, such as bronchitis or pneumonia.

Advice 2: How to treat a cat with a cold

Many of the symptoms that would indicate the common cold in humans, for cats, in most cases, means an infectious disease, so it is often necessary to treat not a cold, but something else. Cats can also catch a cold, but it happens very rarely. Severe symptoms mean that it is urgent to contact your veterinarian, especially if sick kitten. The disease, which handle an adult cat, for the baby can be fatal.
Dry nose, lethargy, decreased appetite, signs of a cold for a cat
When a cat has a cold, his appetite is reduced, there is lethargy and apathy. Vitamins and immunomodulators will help the animal to quickly deal with the disease. In any case it is impossible to treat pet medications for humans. They can have the most unexpected impact, good, if not severely harm the pet. For cats , there are his own medicine specially developed for them. If the cat is just cold, then he quickly recovers himself.
If the cat is sneezing, nose is running, he picked up an infectious disease. Even if the cat home, still he had where to get – on the soles of shoes people bring in the street a lot of germs. Infections in cats are treated with antibiotics, vitamins, immunomodulators. Antibiotics come in pill and injection, other drugs, typically implemented as injections. Do not attempt to treat tailed with a cold, all of these drugs have to be remapped specifically for cats, and to write their vet needs. Sometimes, in order to determine the disease you want to do analysis of the nasal mucosa of the cat, as well as the conjunctiva and oral mucosa.
A sign of a healthy cat – a wet nose. If it's dry, that caused by it can be as hypothermia and something else: from dehydration to parasites. Cause of runny nose in a cat may become allergic reaction. The house is full of substances and compounds that are harmful to cats, from all sorts of household chemicals to cosmetics.
If the cat sneezes continuously, it's not the flu, and probably a foreign object hit him in the nose. Usually cats get rid of these things yourself, but if problems arise, immediately contact the vet.
If the seller in the pet store tells you something, take this advice with great caution. Traders are not required to have veterinary education, often their advice is reminiscent of folk medicine at its worst. In any case, to entrust the treatment of your pet the veterinarian.
Useful advice
Many viral diseases for cats can be immunized. Spring and autumn is the time when the immune system your pet may be weakened, so if you want to protect an animal, get him vaccinated.

Advice 3: How to treat a cold with diabetes

Colds bring a lot of trouble to all people, even if they have no chronic illnesses. What can we say about the patients, especially with diabetes. A cold creates an additional burden on the body as it results in a rise in blood sugar.
How to treat a cold with diabetes
The first thing you should pay attention is a constant checking of glucose level in blood, every 3-4 hours. In no case do not give up your insulin, even if the sugar level is normal.
Nutrition and drinking regime. Despite the fact that during illness, the appetite disappears, reduce only fats intake. Prefer easily digestible carbohydrates, meals should be frequent and fractional. Experts at the American Association for diabetes are advised to take 15 grams of carbohydrates every hour. Drink too often; if the level of glucose is high, drink water; if low ‒ a few SIPS of Apple juice.
Take medications that do not contain sugar or sweeteners. It is primarily concerned with medicines, syrups and drops. Is perfect for you inhalations, teas of herbs, gargling with herbal decoctions and solution of soda.
To be treated it is necessary, as there is a threat of transition of diseases into a chronic form; particularly high risk diabetics get pneumonia, bronchitis, sore throat and otitis. After a visit to the doctor and follow all his recommendations. Contraindicated for pain, anti nasal congestion.
For insulin-dependent type of diabetes is the risk of ketoacidosis in non-insulin-dependent type ‒ of heart complications. You may need insulin therapy. Watch carefully for possible signs of developing ketosis. Buy special test strips that determine the number of ketone bodies in the urine. If they come, quickly take action. Increase the amount of fluid (pure water, fruit drink, compote, water with lemon) enter in the diet fast carbs. If the situation gets out of control, the disease is severe, call your doctor. Just a few hours ketosis can develop into diabetic ketoacidosis. And it is very dangerous.
During the illness, keep a journal and write in it all the doses of insulin and medication, the serving of food, the results of the temperature measurements. These data show the doctor at each appointment with him.

Advice 4: How to treat children's colds

Parents familiar with this situation, when the morning was sent to kindergarten or school is a healthy baby, and in the evening he had cold symptoms in form of cough, runny nose, redness of the eyes. Some moms in this situation rush to the medicine chest, in order to give the child a cold medicine, and some prefer to treat baby with traditional medicine.
How to treat children's colds
Years of practice has shown that well-timed treatment of colds with home remedies gives excellent results and does not allow the cold to develop into a more serious illness.

So, for the treatment of colds your child you will need liquid honey, nasal drops "Pinosol", breast fee, inhaler, fir oil, sage. If the child has a sore throat, can buy in the pharmacy "Tantum Verde", but it does have some age limits.

Treatment of runny nose in a child

The first thing we should start to fight this cold. In the beginning you need to wash the nose, to do this, try to prepare a solution: a glass of boiled water (not hot) dissolve a quarter teaspoon of baking soda and salt. Rinse the nose with the help of syringe without a needle or pears. To wash the nose preferably several times a day. After each washing of the nose should drip in a nose drop "Pinosol."
Children can drip into the nose, and other drops that have no age restrictions. And for nasal lavage is perfectly located sea water, sold in pharmacies.

Inhalation for the throat

A great way of dealing with a cold is by inhalation. With their help you can affect the Airways, but rather, on their mucous membranes, they also have anti-inflammatory action.

For inhalation it is possible to combine the fir oil and sage. Fir oil improves expectoration, and sage perfectly disinfects the mucous membranes.
On the inhalation you need to take at least 10 minutes.

In between the inhalations you can gargle. You can use the decoction of herbs such as chamomile, St. John's wort or sage. They all have anti-inflammatory action. The temperature of the liquid for rinsing should not exceed 37 degrees.

The treatment of cough

The main danger of a cold is cough, with him you have to fight at the first signs, otherwise there is a risk of complications. For the treatment of cough you can use breast collection. Such infusions should give the child half an hour before meals. In order to better departed sputum, the patient must give as much fluid as possible. With a strong cough you can prepare this decoction: to a Cup of boiling milk add a tablespoon of sage and boil for two minutes. The resulting broth should infuse for 30 minutes.

Remember, it is important not to delay treatment of any disease in the child. If a cold occurs without temperature, you can use folk remedies, but if the baby fever, or colds, dragged a little, call the pediatrician. Only he can make an accurate diagnosis.

Advice 5: How to treat a cold vodka with pepper

Traditional healers in the treatment of various ailments is usually used all sorts of teas and tinctures in alcohol. The popularity of these "drugs" is very large. For example, when you use cold vodka with pepper.
How to treat a cold vodka with pepper

Impact of vodka and pepper on the body

In folk medicine, vodka is considered an effective remedy for colds (there are dozens of recipes of effective medicines, alcohol-based, to help you quickly get rid of the disease). But the use of vodka in the treatment of colds is justified only at the initial stage of the disease: in advanced form of the disease, this healing elixir will only exacerbate the situation. However, vodka is used in severe headache, high blood pressure, and increased fatigue.

Hot pepper is considered an excellent antiseptic, vasodilator and stimulant. In addition, it has a beneficial effect on blood flow, thereby accelerating the process of cleansing the body of toxins and other decay products. And even the red pepper has a warming, anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory actions.
Angina is not recommended to drink vodka with pepper, as the "flaming cocktail" you'll burn your throat and worsen the situation.

The use of vodka and pepper for colds

The recipe is a therapeutic agent like this:
½ Hot pepper;
- a glass of vodka.

Thoroughly chew hot peppers and washed down his glass of vodka. If suddenly fresh pepper were not available, it can be replaced with ground. In this case, take 1 dessert spoon of red pepper, add the vodka, mix thoroughly with the "flaming cocktail" drink. The prepared drink should be drink at a time. At the initial stage of the disease, the therapeutic effect is achieved very quickly.
Instead of pepper you can add 1 tsp of honey and a little lemon juice.

To cope with the cold will help the pepper vodka. To prepare it, you will need the following components:
- ½ Liter of vodka;
- 2-3 pod hot pepper.

Pepper is placed in a container of dark glass, pour vodka, then a bottle of clog. Insist elixir day in a cool dark place. Healing drink is recommended to take three times a day for 50 ml to a full recovery. However, the harm from vodka may block the benefits of the beverage for the treatment of colds.

If there is no high temperature, vodka with pepper can be used in the form of a rubdown. To prepare a therapeutic composition will need the following components:
- 1 red hot pepper (you can substitute 1-2 peeled garlic cloves);
- 250 ml of vodka.

Pepper or crushed garlic and pour vodka. The mixture insist 10-12 hours, then rubbed her feet and back, put on warm woolen socks and bundle up with a warm blanket. If sore throat is recommended that the drug to be used in a compress.

Advice 6: How to treat toxocariasis

Toxocariasis is a helminth disease caused by Toxocara. You can become infected through dirty hands, animal fur, food products, contaminated water.
How to treat toxocariasis

The symptoms of toxocariasis

People are only carriers Toxocara, so to be infected with these parasites from someone else. Toxocara enter the body from infected animals, usually dogs, under the influence of external factors. The main peak incidence occurs in summer, the risk group includes veterinarians, breeders, hunters, owners of household plots, vegetable sellers, shops, playing in the sand children.

In the human body Toxocara migrate from some organs and systems in others, so the disease is long lasting, recurrent in nature. Its symptoms depend on the intensity of infection, disease of the immune system. Cutaneous toxocariasis manifested allergic skin reactions, swelling, itching and redness at the places of accumulation of larvae. If the large number of parasites in the organism develops visceral form. Its major symptoms include diarrhea, abdominal pain, vomiting, nausea, cough, shortness of breath and other problems caused by dysfunction of the respiratory system.
The neurological form of toxocariasis appears when the parasites have penetrated the brain. There is impaired attention, difficulty reading, hyperactivity and other neurological symptoms.

How to treat toxocariasis

For the treatment of toxocarosis prescribed pills "Mebendazole", "Thiabendazole and Madamina", which will be effective for the destruction of migratory birds. Larvae in the internal organs struggles "Albendazole" ("Neosol"). In the process of treatment of the disease is necessary to monitor blood tests should also monitor the level of toxic effect of the drug on the liver. At relapse, repeated courses of therapy. In some cases, for the treatment of toxocariasis is used surgery.
When ocular toxocariasis is prescribed subconjunctival injection of "Depomedrol".

To facilitate the patient in addition to medical therapy you can use folk remedies. Popular the following recipes. You need to boil the garlic in milk and use the mixture for enemas. The rate of application should last a week. Enema should be done 1 time per day. For these procedures, you can use a decoction of tansy: 1 tbsp. spoon flowers plants, pour boiling water, pokipyatit for 10-15 minutes and strain. Children enemas do not, in such cases, you need to pour 3 tablespoons of flowers and leaves of tansy glass of boiling water and leave for one hour. The broth should give the baby 3-4 times a day for 1 tablespoon. If toxocariasis can mix 1 tablespoon of seeds of wormwood with honey and eat this mixture between meals.

Advice 7: How to fake a cold

To impersonate a patient with cold is not so difficult. If you don't want to go to school, or you need to play the role of a sick person, you will be able to do it. The symptoms of a cold are not too heavy so they are easy to simulate.
How to fake a cold


If you want to look sick with a cold person, you should show it by their behavior. Try acting as if you are tired and feeling sluggish in your body. Remember the time when you were really sick. How did you feel as you looked around? Try to reproduce this condition. Tell everyone that you do not feel very well, refuse dinner and go to bed early. Colds, usually accompanied by a strong fever, and sometimes vertigo. Try to simulate these symptoms, go slow, sit down and stand up slowly. Left alone, twist around itself several times to let the dizziness was real, and then go out to the people. Keep only those that you are not falling from the done, it will look implausible.

Try during the day constantly look for the opportunity to relax. If you are at home, don't get up of bed, this is the most appreciable sign that people are sick. If you're at work, try more often to put his head on the table, simulating, thus, fatigue and headaches.

Conversation with people

If you have a cold, any talk will be given you. Do not show signs of fun, say a slightly subdued voice. Do not go outside and refuse invitations from friends to attend any event. Maybe you need to convince anyone in his illness over the phone. In this case, special attention should be paid to their voice. Speak slowly, making a small pause. Take your time to answer the questions that you asked, remember you are ill and you find it difficult to give quick answers. Breathe only through the mouth during the conversation it looks like you have a stuffy nose.

Shivering and body temperature

Try to pretend you are cold, simulate a shiver all over my body, put on warm clothes. To make it look more believable you need to show others that you have a high temperature. Shake this thermometer in the direction of increasing temperature, or hold it over a hot light bulb. However, do not overdo it, too high temperature is suspicious, you can also call doctors which will expose your deception.


A cold in the majority of cases accompanied by cough or sneezing. You should be able to simulate them. If you're talking to a person eye to eye, cough, covering his mouth and turning away slightly to the side. If you're talking on the phone, make sure that the cough was muffled, removing the tube from the face. If you're coughing right into the phone, the behavior will not look natural, and feigned a cough. To simulate the cough is much harder than sneezing. If you want to do with sneezing, you can use a small amount of pepper. Sprinkle it on your sleeve and use from time to time.


Cold also leads to increased humidity of the eye. To simulate this symptom, apply a little toothpaste on your lower eyelid and leave it for a few minutes. Evaporation of the paste will lead to a small irritation, after which it can be removed.

Advice 8: The cold sore on the lip how to treat

If the lip has popped up cold, it gives a lot of discomfort. I want to eliminate this nuisance as soon as possible. But in order not to compound the problem, it is important to know how to act properly.
The cold sore on the lip how to treat

Why is a cold sore on the lip

The cold sore in the lips caused by the herpes virus. He lives in the body of an infected person is constantly waiting for just the decline of immunity, to declare itself. Causes symptoms of herpes on the lips: hypothermia; stress, lack of sleep, overwork; diseases that suppress the immune system (influenza, HIV), menstruation in women; trauma in the mouth; contact with patients with herpes person.


It is worth remembering that herpes is a viral disease. You can infect another person even when kissing. So if I popped a cold, it is necessary to observe the following precautions. The bubbles on the lips can puncture and pick open, it is not necessary to pull out and the resulting sores as there may be a deeper penetration of the virus or get it to a healthy place (in the nasal mucosa or eyes). During illness we can't forget about hygiene – use only separate mug and spoon, wiped with a towel.

Treatment of the common cold on the lip

At the first sign of appearance of cold you have to handle painful areas antiviral ointment. For example, in one of the following drugs: "Acyclovir", "Zovirax", "Panavir-gel", "Vivorx". The ointment acts immediately in two directions: struggling with a virus and creates a protective sheath on the site of the appearance of cold, which prevents the spread of the virus throughout the body and reduces the risk of transmitting it to others.

The formed crust in between application of the ointment must be processed for easing. With this, you can use hydrogen peroxide, sea buckthorn oil or a greasy cream. For quick recovery it is necessary to avoid hypothermia, keep the immune system: take vitamins, drink juices, fruit drinks, herbal teas. In the case of increasing temperature and if the cold is appears frequently, it is better to consult a doctor. In severe forms of herpes given oral antiviral drug in the form of tablets inside.

Recipes of traditional medicine

You can use a folk remedy against colds on the lips. Garlic juice is a natural antiviral medicine. For use it you need to chop a few cloves of garlic, add a teaspoon of honey and mix well. Applying the resulting mixture to the place of occurrence of the common cold.

The plant juices of Kalanchoe and aloe. Take a leaf and spread run on the stress fracture juice herpes damaged area. It will promote rapid healing of sores.

Fir oil. At the first signs of a cold on the lips you can start to treat lip this tool. Then bubbles will be significantly less or are altogether invisible.
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