First of all, every hamster owner should have a clear idea about the symptoms, which may indicate that the animal is sick. Anger and panic in the animal, which you had not noticed, difficulty breathing, various skin rashes, tremors, frequent, modified chair, the presence of fleas is a cause for concern. Also, do not leave without attention the fact that your pet suddenly began to lose hair or when you touch the animal you feel a light moisture of the skin. It also suggests that with the hamster something wrong.
If an animal is sick, it almost always tries to be alone, not to contact, constantly hiding in the house, lies. Remember, hamsters are very delicate creatures, in all manifestations of the disease an urgent need to visit the veterinarian. In some cases, even an expert will not be able to help you and your pet will likely die. If you are concerned about loose stools of a baby, but are you sure it is not infected by serious infection, try to give the hamster a little bit of raw potato. The starch which it contains, will help to normalize the stool.
If your pet began to refuse food, then maybe it's not even in any disease. There are times when owners forget to give the animal a solid sticks for grinding of the teeth. While the hamster grow too long teeth, and he simply can not eat. It is very important to monitor the baby's teeth and feed it preferably only solid food. Remember that the life expectancy of a hamster is only two to four years. If your pet has been with you for quite some time, it is possible that the cause of the illness is old age.
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Sometimes hamsters affects urinary tract infection and cystitis starts. The main symptom of this disease to the host may be blood in the urine of the animal. In this case, immediately consult a doctor, small animal necessary injections of chloramphenicol. In addition, you should change the diet of the hamster, increasing the percentage of fruits and vegetables, because during illness the animal should consume more liquid.
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High mortality in hamsters causes a disease called "enteritis". The main symptom is very loose stools. In this case, the animal is usually trying to give antibiotics, e.g., tetracycline. However, despite the measures taken, the hamster may die. Enteritis among infectious diseases, perhaps, is the greatest danger to the life of hamsters.
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But the most serious infectious diseases, there are other, less dangerous, for example, may damage the cheek pouches, rickets, various diseases of the respiratory system and digestive system, worms and others. Diseases of hamsters pose a threat to humans, we can distinguish itching. This disease cause any mites that cannot be seen with the naked eye. If you suspect scabies, you should immediately isolate the animal and to take action. Remember that the itch mite is a parasite on the man.