Advice 1: How to charge the crown

Normal battery "Krona", "Emery" or similar charge is dangerous. But in the same form-factor are available and battery. These include, for example, 7D-0,125, "Nika" and many imported ones.
How to charge the crown
Check the Pinout of the battery "Crown". The battery or battery pack of this type and equivalent power supply unit, large terminal - negative, small - positive. In the charger, as well as any device powered by "Crown", is the opposite: the small terminal is negative, most positive.
Make sure that the battery which you have available, really is rechargeable.
Determine the charging current of the battery. To do this, its capacity expressed in milliamp-hours, divide by 10. Will the charging current in milliamperes. For example, for a battery capacity of 125 mAh charging current is 12.5 mA.
As the power source for the charger use any power supply, the output voltage is around 15 V and maximum allowable current does not exceed the charging current of the battery.
Check the Pinout of the stabilizer LM317T. If you put it face marking to her, and findings down on the left is the control output, middle output, right input. Chip install on the heatsink, which is insulated from any other conducting parts of the charger, since it is electrically connected to the output of the stabilizer.
IC LM317T is a voltage regulator. To use not for the designated purpose - as a current regulator between its output and a control output enable pull-up resistor. Calculate its resistance according to Ohm's law, given that the output voltage of the stabilizer is 1.25 V. this charging current, expressed in milliamperes, substitute in the following formula:
Resistance happens in Kromah. For example, the charging current is 12.5 mA, the calculation will be as follows:
I=12.5 mA=of 0.0125 And

R=1,25/0,0125=100 Ohm
Power resistor to calculate the watts by multiplying the voltage drop across it equal to 1.25 V, charging current, and pre-translated in amps. Round the result up to the nearest value of the standard series.
Connect the positive power source to positive of battery, negative of battery to the input of the stabilizer, adjusting the output of the stabilizer to the minus power supply. Between the input and the control output of the stabilizer include electrolytic capacitor 100 UF, 25 V plus to the entrance. Sexunderwate ceramic any capacity.
Turn on the power supply and let the battery charge for 15 hours.

Advice 2 : The battery "Krona" " what is this?

Batteries "Crown" appeared in the Soviet Union, but are still in demand. This element of power is indispensable for devices with higher energy consumption, as it delivers a current of far greater magnitude in comparison with other batteries.
The battery "Krona" " what is this?

Characteristics of nine-volt batteries

Batteries types are AA, AAA, C, D, they are cylindrical in shape and differ only in size. In contrast, the battery "Krona" has a size of PP3 and is a parallelepiped. Salt batteries are characterized by their fragility, they cannot be used in high-tech devices. The most that they are is a quartz watch any more simple device. The batteries can also be distinguished in the electrochemical system. Great uptime are alkaline and lithium batteries.

Mini-battery "Krona" have relatively high performance, they have the output voltage in the region of nine volts (in comparison, lithium or alkaline AA battery "issues" are only 1.5 volts). The battery "Krona" consists of six connected in series in a single chain polutoralitrovyh batteries (the output is nine volts.) The batteries can have a current of up to 1200 mAh, the standard capacity of 625 mA/h Capacity of the battery "Krona" will vary depending on the types of chemical elements. Nickel-cadmium elements have a capacity of 50 mAh, Nickel-metal hydride battery is more powerful by an order (175-300 mAh). Have the highest capacity lithium ion cells, their capacity is 350-700 mA/h. the Standard size of nine-volt batteries - 48,5х26,5x17,5 mm. These batteries are used in children's toys and remote controls, they can be found in navigation devices, tasers.

How to charge the battery "Krona"

In the Soviet Union produced the coal-manganese batteries of this size, as well as alkaline, which had a higher price and was called "Korund". Batteries produced from a rectangular app elements for their production used the metal case of tinplate, the bottom of plastic or genitals and the contact area. A simple disposable battery "Krona" allowed a small number of dasaradha, although this is not recommended by the manufacturer. However, due to the deficiency of these nutrition elements in many books and magazines published scheme chargers for "Cron".

Work disposable batteries "Crown" can be extended using the unit with adjustable amperage, and voltage. First you need to determine the charging current of the battery, its capacity needs to be divided into ten (for example, 150 mA/h 10 = 15 mA/h for the charger voltage should not be greater than 15 volts). Charge "the Crown" can be no more than two times. However, note that if the items inside it dry, re-charge it will not succeed.
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