You will need
  • -Rechargeable battery type AA/AAA;
  • -USB cable is included with some players;
  • -The charger is included with some players.
We need to understand the type of power player. Today 2:
1) battery/battery type AA/AAA.

2) powered by built-in battery.
In the first case we have a player, with the rear part has a connector where you can insert the usual "finger" or "mizintseva a battery (AA or AAA, respectively). A regular battery charge is strictly forbidden, because it threatens her course and the loss of useful properties, such as the time of holding the charge. For players it is recommended not use AA batteries or AAA batteries, and batteries of the same size.
In the second case, player curb is not recoverable battery that has more life than the battery, but if the holding time charge will be very low, to avoid the service center will be impossible.
How to load a particular type of player?

For iPods with a battery there are 3 charging capabilities:
1) directly Charge the player with an inserted battery from the computer USB port

2) the battery outside the player from a third-party charger.

3) Charge inserted batteries into the player from the USB AC adaptor.
The first two methods are the most popular because the output current from the USB port of the computer does not exceed 600 mA, which allows you to safely charge the battery and third party charger you can take always with you and insert into the socket at any time, the velocity of the charge in the second case will be higher. The third way is risky and this is because what the output amperage is calculated a particular adapter. On average, this indicator ranges from 400 mA to 1200 mA. In the first case, charging will be extremely slow, in the second charging pass quickly, but using the player to shrink considerably. For iPods with built-in battery are possible only the first and third methods of battery charge.