All of these lights periodically have to charge. If you have upgraded the lantern, it will start to flash when voltage decreasing. If not signaling scheme, let's see what light it at 3.0 V, will track critical moment and charge the battery of the lantern. The battery should not be discharged less than 3.0 V and charge is greater than 4.8 V, otherwise it will swell because water will decompose.
When using the charger, observe the following rules. Discharge lamp to 3.0 V. If you have the factory charger, it will perform the correct steps: at first discharges the battery to a value of 3.0 V, then charging up to 4.7 V. With increasing voltage above this threshold is automatically enabled mode "Accident".
When charging make sure that the amperage was of 1.08 A or less (in this case, you need more time for charging. To charge the flashlight even at About 92 A). The higher amperage of 1.08 And is contraindicated. Monitor the voltage. It has to be from 3.8 to 5.4 V. If the voltage is less, the light will not charge; if more happen with the parallel decomposition of water.
Don't make mistakes in polarity, otherwise you'll spoil the light. For this purpose beforehand near the contacts on the charger and the lamp mark "+" and "-". Contacts arranged in the head part. Find a metal head with a shaft located 4 cm from the point of attachment of the cord - there is a "minus". "Plus" is located in the recess, which is located on a metal holder. Inside the recess there is a bushing with a slot, and under the sleeve and the contact is located.
Exposing the contact to do this, rotate the sleeve 180 degrees around its axis, until you see that through the slot exposing the contact, connect the batteries of the flashlight to the charger. Follow the battery temperature is overheating it may swell. For now disconnect the power supply from the lamp.
Do not leave charging for more than 13 hours is included, otherwise it will automatically switch to the mode "discharge". If you have a makeshift charger, with the charging process following via multi-meter.