You will need
  • - AC charger.
Purchase charger for AA batteries. You can find them at the point of sale of radio engineering, household appliances stores and points of sales of mobile phones. They are also available for purchase on the market, but be careful not to take a risk, purchase only high quality chargers. Also pay attention to the material from which made szu.
Install AA batteries in your charger, while mandatory in the correct orientation. Do not use the charger to not fit in with the size of the batteries. Wait for full charge batteries, it may take a certain period of time (about 10 hours depending on the capacity and number of batteries).
Periodically pay attention to the charge indicator, usually they are red and green. This means most often that the battery is fully charged and ready to use, red, Vice versa.
If you have a mains charger for a camera that uses AA batteries, install them in the battery compartment, observing correct polarity, then connect to the device network cable. Please note that in this case, charging may take a little longer time than when using a separate device.
When you first charge these batteries pre-discharge them completely, then put to charge all night. After full charge leave in another 2-3 hours, then fully discharge and recharge them. Thus their capacity will be fully used. Please note that it is typical for other batteries. If the first few times they were not fully discharged and charged, the most likely battery to be missed for a while.