Buying batteries, check with the sales assistants for information about what type of charger is compatible with your batteries, or find information about it on the Internet.
To determine the charge time of the batteries. If every time you will need fast charging, you'd better buy a specially designed charger that can recover batteries in just 10-20 minutes. However, the service life of such devices is small – they quickly wear out and stop working. It is best to choose a model that will charge a full set of batteries in just a few hours.
If you are using batteries of several types, for example, "mizinchikov" and "finger" should opt for a combined charger.
For those who like to travel by car there is a charger, powered from the cigarette lighter in the car. Using it is very easy to give new life to dead batteries from the camera or player.
In the case when often have to charge not end up dead batteries, it is better to buy a device with the function of the battery is fully discharged before new charging. The discharge process lasts only a few minutes, and you can watch it on the LCD screen, which is equipped with such a device. Thanks to this feature, prolongs battery life. This model of charging ideal for owners of energy-intensive cameras.
The price of the charger depends on the charging speed and additional functions, for example, liquid crystal indicators, automatic shut-off and other.
Try to buy a charger for rechargeable batteries only in specialized shops, ensuring the goods sold guarantee.