In shops usually there are finger and mizinchikovye batteries of several types. Most frequent Nickel-metal hydride and Nickel-cadmium. They are designated by letters Ni-MH, Ni-cd. Marking is usually on the body of the battery. Fall and any other type of battery — Nickel-manganese, lithium ion.
Before heading to the store, carefully read the instructions to the device. It is possible that there is what are the batteries needed for this device. In this case your choice is greatly simplified. Buy only batteries that are specified.
If the device is small, take it with you to the store. Sellers sometimes get confused and suggest you do is not what you need, if you do not see in front of the camera or recorder. Below such situations do not arise, show the seller the camera or recorder. If you have the device there, note the markings. Batteries are denoted by AA, mizinchikov AAA.
Think about the conditions in which you intend to use the device for which they are bought. If you are going to photograph in winter and summer, indoors and outdoors, then you need batteries that are not particularly sensitive to changes in temperature and discharged very quickly even in the big frost. Have this property of Nickel-cadmium batteries. They are easy to carry and strong heat. However, they have disadvantages. These batteries are less durable and are not designed for very large number of recharges. In addition, they can be put on the charger only after they are fully discharged. But this is not insurmountable. Most likely, along with batteries you buy and the charger. Select is, which is a function of total discharge.
If the operation of the device when strong temperature differences or extreme conditions, you are not very interested in, note the battery marked Ni-MH. They drain quickly in the cold and extreme heat. But with high temperature work almost perfectly. In addition, they also have several remarkable properties. They are stronger and able to withstand quite a large number of recharges. While they should not completely discharge before the next charging. Unlike Nickel-cadmium batteries can be stored charged. This is very handy if you often get into conditions when there is nowhere to plug in the charger.
Typically, the voltage that the battery gives, consistent with what is required for the vast majority of devices. However, there are exceptions, so do not be lazy to check the settings of your device and compare them with those written on the batteries. It may happen that your camera or recorder does not accept standard batteries.
If you are going to use the device constantly and in a variety of conditions, buy two batteries or two pairs. While one pair is in the camera or the voice recorder, the second is charging. In this case it is more convenient to have different batteries for different conditions. Charger best buy universal, which is itself off when fully charged and would feature a full discharge.