If you have the package of the camera includes a special apparatus for charging a battery, remove it from the compartment and insert the special container, in this case, note the connection of its contacts with szu. Connect to the container the special network cable that is mandatory is in the configuration of the camera (and can also be replaced with a similar one of greater length, such is in almost every house).
Plug the device to a power source and wait until the battery is fully charged. It may take a few hours (2 to 4). If you charge it for the first time, it is best to fully discharge it before doing this and then leave in szu a little longer time to increase capacity.
If you have a Canon camera used standard AA batteries, purchase a charger for them at any nearest shop of radio engineering in your city. You can also order them on the online store, or buy them in the cellular shops and shops selling household appliances.
Insert the batteries into the device, necessarily in the correct orientation. Wait until the green indicator, is usually to fully charge the two batteries large capacity takes about 18-20 hours.
If your camera model supports charging from the USB port of the computer, connect it using the mini-USB cable which usually comes in the configuration of the device. Note the indicator on the screen of the camera, it will show the battery level.
Better use the original cords for the connection. The process of charging in this case may take about 3 hours. Also in such cases sometimes included is a special adapter from USB to a regular outlet, so that the charging process occurred without the participation of the computer.