Act in line with the festive occasion. So your greeting will be truly original, relevant and not put the man in an awkward position. For example, in the birthday, you can offer the celebrant unusual greetings along with gifts, the latter can be expensive. But in day of a professional holiday or on the Day of defender of the Fatherland can be limited to not too expensive Souvenirs, but to come up with interesting greetings.
The most original and memorable greetings for any occasion you can think of with music. For example, congratulate the hero of the occasion with a Serenade of his own composition or order his favorite song on the radio. Give the disc a musical congratulation on behalf of all the guests, or send him mail you a colourful invitation to the concert of his favorite music group.
For an anniversary or birthday, prepare the message, which you hint to your gift. You can come up with a little story, a story that will illustrate the importance of the festive event. Remember, the more unusual your gift, the more interesting it will get the message. For example, give the man a star, inscribed stone or meet a friend, whom he had long dreamed to see.
If the male sweet tooth, you can prepare a greeting with the award of the original chocolate sculptures. For example, congratulating and wishing wealth and prosperity, you can present the money tree, a car, a Palace, etc, in advance to learn about the preferences and interests of the celebrant.
Congratulate the man, using probably the most ancient and elegant way of communicating the messages and letters. Greetings in the bottle is always original. Think of a text, rewrite it on nice parchment paper, roll and place in a bottle the times of the ancient brave captains. These decorative bottles can be purchased in souvenir shops. Then pack it either in wooden or in carton box.
Use in your greeting own description of goods from the joke shop that sells funny and unusual gifts. It and swipe in the form of hundred dollar bills, and interesting t-shirts, and notepads, and mugs. These gifts are inexpensive and will be suitable in any, but not too official day of holiday, when you want to congratulate a man.
In professional events in the congratulations note personal merits congratulations, and his diligence. As a rule, these greetings are complementary to the individual postcards and small Souvenirs. You can add originality, organizing small events entertainment and sports in nature, such as paintball, karting, etc.