If the birthday of her husband falls on a weekend, start celebrating early in the morning. So, instead of a Cup of coffee and piece of birthday cake (which, in principle, too bad) bring to bed a glass of champagne and strawberries. The beginning of the day would please him and give a good mood. And in the evening meeting with friends, a romantic dinner or cocktail party.
Cook him lots of nice surprises and gifts, how old he is. For example, hand thirty-chocolates – to further his life was sweet. Or give the album a number of pages according to their age. On each page place or your joint photo and write a compliment. On the same principle you can build a slide show or video and see it during the holiday feast.
Remember, what would your man want to receive as a gift, and think about how it could be originally present. For example, a punch can be present in the image of the girl from the clip "Satisfaction" and, handing the player order your greetings on the radio or record it in advance and put the first track. Now, including the player, your husband is always the first thing to do is to hear your declarations of love and kind words.
If you decide to celebrate the holiday in a cafe, go there, where you can enjoy not only good food and interesting show program. Gypsy dances, magic tricks from the good magician (which he, incidentally, may participate), or jazz performed by the best artists of the city – this night will be remembered not only your husband but all the guests. It's a slow dance under the enchanting sounds of the saxophone will bring you closer and allow you to feel the Union of souls.
If you prefer to spend the evening with family, prepare some interesting games to not get bored at the table. Daisy arrange a quiz with questions about the life and Hobbies of your husband or fun tasks like "read a poem or sing a ditty" standing on chair". It will amuse the guests and make, at first glance, a boring party into a spectacular event.