Try this day to surprise my husband with a lot of unexpected things, gifts and surprises. To do this, turn on your female logic, imagination and safely proceed to business. Favorite show all my love and sincerity of feelings. Let him know how much you love him and treasure him.
Don't forget that all your congratulations should certainly be only the good and pleasant. When choosing be sure to consider the character, disposition and interests of the man she loved.
Decorate a room. This is best done at night, while your husband is sleeping then in the morning it will be a surprise. To do this, use balloons in form of hearts. It is desirable that they should be red or pink. Hang them on the walls, the Windows, lay on the bed and just sprinkle on the floor in the room.
Advance purchase special posters with funny greeting cards or make them yourself.
Cut-out colored paper hearts. Then each of them write a kind, affectionate and warm words, describing your husband or his individual qualities. Then lay them all over the apartment. Your favorite will be very pleased to find them and to know that he is the most beloved, desirable and the best man in the world.
Prepare the gift, which he had long dreamed of and wanted to get on with your day of birth. Nice pack and will immediately deliver as soon as favorite will Wake up.
Treat husband no ordinary Breakfast. Stand up early and prepare his favorite treat. Bring him directly in bed, on the dressing place the card in which will be written your greetings and wishes.
Surprise your husband and presented him with a gift prepared by their own hands. Bake a giant cake, learn a verse about love or prepare Oriental dance.
Spend this day together. Try to do everything to make the holiday memorable and pleasant memories etched in the memory of your husband.
Turn up the music and continue the evening with a romantic candlelit dinner.