You will need
  • - birthday;
  • - friends;
  • - a gift.
As the birthday girl, you have to organise a holiday. Plan the scenario of the Day of Birth. Guys love to have fun, so will very good if you turn up in a scenario gambling. Organize a buffet table, take care about the availability of food and beverages.
Invite to feast with his friends and acquaintances. Try to avoid the presence of those individuals who have your young person constantly the conflicts, otherwise the celebration will be ruined. Find and invite a friend, whom he had not seen.
What is a Birthday without a gift? When you select try to be guided by the taste and wishes of the birthday boy. Perhaps he has long been dreaming about a new MP3 player. Most importantly, the gift needs to be symbolic, it should be immediately obvious that the choice was aimed at a specific person. It is very important that you give. But equally important are the words with which you will be the gift to give.
Consider it for the birthday in advance and rehearse it. If at first you don't succeed, get some training. Young people love to make fun of each other, to have fun, so keep this in mind in greeting.