For starters, activate your full creative potential, and consider which of your talents you can use in greeting. Nice write poetry? Write the young man a poem it is very touching the way congratulations. Good at drawing? Draw him as a gift a picture. Maybe you sing well? Record as a greetings song for a young man, or even perform it live for him. But even if you do not have such pronounced talent, you can be sure to find a creative way to congratulate the guy with the birthday.
Try to surprise him. The words "happy birthday!" on the store card has long been no surprise and not delight. Order (or make with their hands) some souvenir with his image, or have in his honor some kind of flash mob. Or shout a greeting during a parachute jump. In General, try to surprise him. The only way to surprise it was pleasant to shock a person's birthday is not worth it.
Throw a guy a party. Call your and his friends write the script, plan meals and cultural program, but most importantly, let this be a surprise for him. Lure him to the party under some innocent pretext, and then surprise, but all as expected – turning on the lights, loud shouting: "Surprise!" and stunned and happy face of your friend. Just remember that surprises do not love it, find out in advance how the guy relates to any kind of surprises.
Arrange for him a romantic dinner. It doesn't have to be dinner at a fancy restaurant – rather, it is an option for spouses. You can go to a regular pizzeria. But absolutely wonderful if you cook dinner yourself. Get some unusual holiday recipes, provide a romantic setting – with a festive table setting, with candles and everything. It is difficult to find a person who would not like such compliments.
If you absolutely are not bold and afraid to Express what they want the young man to help modern technologies such as SMS. This kind of greetings is considered a way for the most slothful, which is difficult even just to call, but sometimes this method turns out to be a real lifesaver for prudes. If you can't find the strength to congratulate the young man in person, just write him a touching text message.
In fact, ways of greetings birthday there are so many. The main thing – do not be afraid to be original and sincere.