You will need
  • The ability to search for information, communicate with people, General knowledge and practice of hunting and fishing.
Find the directory or the Internet the coordinates of the societies of hunters and fishermen: primary organizations are created at enterprises, institutions, schools. They are United in district, regional, and together they form the Russian Association of public associations of hunters and fishermen (Rosokhotrybolovsoyuz).
Check if you fulfill the age requirements to join the society of hunters and fishermen is possible from 16 years (without the right of gun hunting to 18 years), for those engaged in sport fishing since the age of 14. If you are younger - you can join the section for young hunters (14 years), or a section of young anglers (from 10 years).
For entry into the society, candidates must pass the appropriate examinations: the hunters renting hunting-fishing low, but anglers just fishing at least. Program and list of exam questions is available from the district, city or regional society of hunters and fishermen.
Immediately after the adoption society issued a membership card and shall be extended until 31 March of the following year. Members of the society of hunters and fishermen are registered in the primary organization at the place of work, study or residence. There are the membership dues is a prerequisite. Contributions are paid until the first exit to hunting, fishing, but no later than 30 June of the current year.