Don't be afraid. The unwritten motto of prisons – "do Not believe, do not fear, do not ask" is the most well suited for communication with the crime. Be decades to learn martial arts, have a variety of ties, pocket pistol, and the knife in his bosom, but if the meeting with the bandit you fear, you will have to admit defeat. Have to do everything you ask and give all that you require. Scared, so lost.
Speak a little, but not silent. Some criminals are trying to become attached to the words. If the person scared, you can pull out of context any word that a bandit is very much "offended". However, to remain silent in any case impossible. This may be speechless in that moment when you need to be active.
Don't be afraid to use force. Bandit bandit strife and not always worth trying to solve the problem peacefully. If you find one with "empty" eyes, who has nothing to lose, better to give the purse or other possessions he requires. Life is more expensive. If before you are a beginner unsure of the representative of minor criminals, and you are confident in your abilities, have an impressive size, well-delivered blow, or have the right to bear arms, you do not need to get lost and act according to the usual scenario for him. At the moment when the enemy "dispersed", begins his daunting it can be to dramatically cool the ardor of the enemy with a precise strong blow or skilful throw. Again it should be clarified that this should be done only when you are sure of yourself and see that not faced with the most dangerous man in the underworld.
Discharge the situation. Again, when your life is really under threat but in a situation when you're trying to intimidate, it is possible to represent something unusual, what a thug you are not expecting. Start loudly and clearly to bear some nonsense, to dance, to sing, looking with wild eyes at the opponent. With abnormal to contact a few who want to, so to break the stereotype of the frustrated gangster can and thus. If all went according to plan, will not be shameful to flee, if possible, or shamelessly to give the required.