To clean the bottom there are special filters, however, they sure don't do their jobs. Still the best and most effective way to clean the bottom of the aquarium is to clean using a siphon. Onthe bottom of these devices you see in the picture on the left. The siphon consists of a flexible ribbed hose, onthe bottomof the first side of which is placed a pear, and on the other side of a plastic extender with bottom mesh at the end to clean the bottom of the aquarium into the siphon accidentally sucked some "gaping" fish! Before you clean the bottom, remove carefully from the aquarium large rocks, and plants without roots that these stones were pressed down and not allowed to float, then clean the scraper of the plaque from the walls of the aquarium. When the mud scoured from the walls, dropping to the bottom, immerse in an aquarium siphon, do not forget to put below the water level an empty bucket. Clicking repeatedly on the bag, cast the water into the siphon. This forms a constant current of water and now it only remains to drive the hose on the bottom of the aquarium and among the stones, pouring all the dirt through the hose into the bucket. In this procedure, for a better cleaning of the bottom, slightly move the stones of the ground by the end of the hose. If contaminated, sometimes we have to remove the siphon from the aquariumto clean a dirt clogged the mesh extender.
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If there was no special siphon to clean the aquarium bottom, it may be able to replace conventional rubber hose. In this case, the suction of water or using ordinary rubber bulb, or in the absence thereof, the leak make mouth like poured gasoline motorists. However, in this case, you need to do a leak very quickly, so as not to swallow accidentally aquarium water. In addition, you must make sure that the fish, especially the youngest, are sucked through the hose into the bucket. This can not only scare the fish, but also to traumatize them, especially those who are proud of their beautiful fins and tails! Especially often sucks in more sluggish fish, e.g., guppies.
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And of course, every day after feeding remove uneaten remains of their food. Typically this is a simple device, consists of a glass tube with a rubber bulb on the end, reaching in length to the bottom of the aquarium. If you're feeding dry food, then remove the remains of the aquarium is immediately after fish had eaten and moved away from the feeder. Food sinks to the bottom, usually onthe bottomm and the same place under aquarium feeder. Remove the feeder, so it will not interfere with, lower the glass tube to the bottom, pulling the pear uneaten food. If you don't make it in time, then an hour later, the aquarium water may become cloudy, as dry food is a great food for millions of bacteria which begin to multiply exponentially.
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Clean the aquarium bottom capital not less than onthe bottomof the first times in a month, draining not more than 30% of water. The drained water is replaced by fresh, to defend and always the same temperature as the water in the aquarium. And remember that maintaining cleanliness in the aquarium key to the health of your Pets!
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