To clean the tank start from the Windows

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In principle, algae, which grows over the wall do not represent absolutely no danger, but they spoil the view of the aquarium, so to get rid of them. This should be done regularly, approximately every two weeks. To clean the glass of algae fouling, you should use a special scraper which can be purchased at a specialty store. It is best to use a magnetic device. If the scraper does not appear, replace it with a new sponge or razor blade.

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Clean the bottom of the aquarium

The next step is to sifonki of the soil. Your task is to remove all impurities that have accumulated on the aquarium bottom. To do this, use a rubber hose with a metal or glass tip, the diameter of which should be such that the hose could get water with all the debris. Another option is to use a special gratification.

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How to determine whether you need to clean the tank

To understand whether you need to clean the tank, I suggest povoroshit the ground. If the bottom bubbles do not rise, cleaning is not necessary. In the presence of bubbles drive the tip of the rubber hose on the aquarium bottom, occasionally sticking it into the soil. You must then make a water change in the aquarium to remove substances harmful to the inhabitants, which it has accumulated. This is usually done twice a week, and replaced about 20-30% of the total volume of water. This process is often combined with sifonki of the soil. You can substitute the water at least twice a week, but then you should avoid the substitution of more than 30% at a time, as the health of fish is affected not the best way. If substitution is used tap water, it should settle within a few days.

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Clean the filter

To clean the tank correctly means paying special attention to the cleaning of the filter. The fillers of the filter accumulates dirt from the water that passes through it. These fillers should be clean, to wash them is necessary only in the case when the contamination will interfere to pump water. Note that this is in any case impossible to apply detergents. Ideally, the filler should be rinsed in downloaded from aquarium water. You don't need a sterile clean enough to achieve free flow of water through the pores of the filler. To clean the nozzle filter, you can use an old toothbrush.

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