Blue-green algae in aquarium, growing under intense lighting. So combat need to start with reducing the photoperiod to 8 hours for complete replacement of natural light with artificial. Kelp, on the contrary, I love low lighting, and fight with them to strengthen the intensity of the lamps.
как избавиться от зеленых водорослей в аквариуме
It is important to ensure that fish ate all the food, as the rotting remains of meals only contribute to the unwanted growth of lower plants.
как удалить водоросли из аквариума
You can put in the aquarium the competitors of algae – higher plants and growing them to create a good environment for the growth and population of fish to decrease. At the same time to replace every day the tenth part of water and clean soil.
как очистить аквариум от зелени
There are fish that feed on algae, for example, Siamese or Chinese vodorosley, otocinclus, flying foxes, catfish-plecostomus. Even the snail, such as mollies and marinosci actively devour filamentous fouling.
как избавится от лишней органики в аквариуме
Will also destroy algae Daphnia, but before their start in the aquarium, all the fish you want to temporarily remove.
как избавиться от мутной воды в аквариуме?
Reduce the amount of algae in the aquarium snails-coil and ampulyarii. So they can fully restrain the growth of algae, you need to have a huge number of them, and it's not aesthetically pleasing for appearance.
Very effective is the chemical treatment of the aquarium. There are many drugs whose action is directed at the destruction of algae, but after a while the algae will again begin to capture the aquarium, appeared from survivors of the dispute. In addition, some plants cannot withstand chemical poisoning and die.
Time consuming but safe method of dealing with some algae is manual removal: scraping off from the walls with a scraper or rolling long strings on a stick.