The purity of the aquarium largely depends on its volume, because if your pond is less than 60 liters, then clean it, will have quite often. At the initial stage, the cause of severe pollution could be the lack of normal microflora in the aquarium, it speaks to the wrong start. In this case you can use special drugs to quickly settle into home pond beneficial bacteria. If your aquarium is small, then clean it as necessary, it all depends on the specific conditions and health of the aquatic inhabitants. Very small aquariums with a volume of 10-15 liters is usually cleaned once a week.
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Aquarium cleaning involves the bleaching of the scenery, the bathing artificial plants and, of course, the removal of plaque from the walls. As for water, regardless of the time General cleaning, some parts must be replaced approximately every one to two weeks. If you think that the aquarium have to be cleaned too often, try to reduce the amount of feed. It is possible that aquarium filter can not cope with the number of inhabitants and the volume of water, in this case, it is necessary to replace or install additional.
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Remember that the more inhabitants accounted for the volume of your tank, the more often it has to be clean, so do not densely populate the home pond. In addition, you run the risk of losing their Pets. Not all types of aquarium fish are able to adapt to frequent water change and cleaning the aquarium. Remember that with the right microflora for the month is usually replaced not more than one third of the total volume of water.
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In General, if the volume of the aquarium is over 100 gallons, then clean it has rarely. If a large aquarium is equipped with all the necessary equipment, he needs a General cleaning not more often than once a month. Usually this procedure is limited to the removal of plaque from the walls with a special magnetic sponge. Sometimes, during partial water changes aquarists remove dirt from the bottom using a small hose with a pear on the end, but often with this problem quite manage the filters themselves are water dwellers.
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If you often have to clean the tank of large volume, it says error in the content. Today, there are special services and consultants on issues related to the aquariums. Turning to a specialist, you will be able to find out the causes of pollution. Remember that the state of the microflora in the aquarium directly affects the condition of your fish and plants.
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