How to clean the filter yourself

Usually material for the aquarium filter is water-resistant foam. To clean the filter yourself is quite simple. Disconnect and remove from the water. You can wash it in the conventional sponge in warm water. Periodically (every two months), disassemble the unit completely. From the filter you need to remove the rotor and then remove slime and dirt. You should also clean the nozzle of aquarium filter. It does not need any special tools, it is your regular toothbrush.

The most important thing – cleaning filter elements

Special attention should be given to the cleaning of the filter elements. The smaller the area, the faster the filter becomes clogged. Internal filter the average need to be cleaned every week, and twice a month. These indicators are set individually, depending on the entire Aqua systems.

How to clean the biological filter of the type

The device with biological filtration purify water with the help of bacteria that live in the filter elements. It is very important to clean the filter with this principle. Cleaning should take place quickly in addition, you should only use water taken from the aquarium to the harm caused to the colonies of bacteria were minimal. The only exception might be the disease of aquarium fish: after treatment, thoroughly rinse the filter and fillers to get rid of pathogens and residues of drugs. In this case it is not necessary to feel sorry for bacteria.

One more thing

If the filter is turned off for a long time (over 2 hours), it is necessary to wash out the fillers before switching. The fact that colonies of bacteria are left without oxygen, are transformed into organic mass and start to decompose. If you do not clean the filter all the hazardous compounds get into the water and can cause the death of the inhabitants of the aquarium.