The rapid development of algae that cause algal bloom, occurs when the bright aquarium lighting, high temperature and high content in water of nutrients. The cause is often the use of too much dry food – the aquarium inhabitants don't manage to eat it all and, as a consequence, the remains rot and decompose.
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Faced with the flowering of water, do not try to clean by partial substitution. Adding fresh, you bring in the aquarium and algae need minerals, algal blooms increases.
To restore the disturbed biological balance, turn off the aquarium lighting. If he stands near the window, cover the window, protecting the aquarium from direct sunlight. Stop feeding fish – week-long hunger strike will not only hurt them, but on the contrary, will benefit. Aeration may work within the water, oxygen will accelerate the oxidation of decomposition products, animal feed and water purification. Remove from the bottom using the siphon the accumulated garbage. During the week you will be able to recover the normal operation of the aquarium.
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One of the ways of dealing with algal blooms is the use of Daphnia. Start the aquarium with a large number of shrimp – so much that the fish didn't immediately eat. Unicellular algae are the food source of Daphnia, during the day the water in the aquarium will be clean. This method requires good aeration of the aquarium – otherwise, the Daphnia may die, that will only exacerbate the bloom.
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The indirect cause of the rapid development of algae is a small number of plants in the aquarium. When plants are many, they actively absorb minerals, as a result, the algae for the rapid development they are not enough.
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Even in a properly functioning aquarium walls gradually covered with a thin green patina. Clean this plaque scraper with a razor blade. If the plaque is of brown color, it indicates insufficient aquarium lighting. The back wall of the aquarium is not cleaned.