You will need
  • siphon aquarium,
  • bucket,
  • - water.
The first few weeks after the purchase of the aquarium to stir up the soil should not be. The water in the aquarium fresh, the inhabitants soon settle in. However, every feeding (and it should be done no more than once per day) should be moderate, that is, fish feed should not remain on the bottom and even manage to fall to the ground.
Continue to clean the ground should every month because on the bottom continually drops pieces of uneaten feed and waste products of the inhabitants of the aquarium. If not removed, they can start to rot. In the process of decay the bacteria produce poisonous gas - hydrogen sulfide. "Soured" the ground is very easy to determine: pavaresia his hand and smell to rising bubbles. If there is no smell, all right. If the bubbles smell like sour seaweed, and rotten eggs - urgent sifonte the ground.
For cleaning of soil should purchase a special aquarium siphon - wearing hose cylinder-funnel. It is convenient to siphon, that is to clean the soil in any aquarium.
The cleaning process of the soil – the same process of replacement of the water. Fish to transplant is not required. Cylinder-to-funnel in the siphon stick and stir up the soil to the ground, raise the grit and pebbles over and pull the accumulated waste. Heavy soil quickly drops back to the bottom, without inhaling the siphon, but the dirt particles go through the tube into the drain. When the water in the tip of the siphon becomes transparent, stick it in a nearby plot of ground. Keep it for a few seconds for every 5 cm of the bottom. Not yet filled with muddy water in the hose drain bucket.
Add fresh water to the aquarium. The first few hours after cleaning the water in the aquarium can be a bit muddy. Nothing wrong with that. Be patient, the suspension will settle to the bottom, and the water will take the normal transparent state.
To remove all the sediment from the highly contaminated soil, pebbles, you need to fully get out of the tank, previously transplanted fish into another container and pouring all the water. This is a very laborious procedure and resort to it should not more often than once in 6-12 months. If you took out all the soil from the bottom, rinse it under running water, rinse thoroughly, without using any detergents. Several times fill with water and drain it. The soil can fill back into the aquarium.