You will need
  • - aquarium scrapers for glass;
  • magnetic scraper;
  • - sponge;
  • - glove (mitten) for the body;
  • - a hose with a nozzle and a blower;
  • - toothbrush;
  • brush;
  • - baking soda;
  • - bleaching agent "Belizna".
Select the method of cleaning stealthily plaque on the wall gives a slovenly appearance to the aquarium and stopping to watch fish. Fouling of algae is formed for 1-2 weeks depending on the location of the aquarium. Clean the Windows as they contamination. To do this, use aquarium scraper, clean sponge for washing dishes, a glove or a magnetic scraper. The choice of these devices depends on the density of plaque. For example, small patches of greenery can be easily removed with a sponge. Very convenient to remove the residue in the corners of the tank, if you put on hand in a special glove. If significant overgrowth of the walls of the aquarium use the scraper. If you don't want to wet your hands, use a magnetic scraper is the optimal device for the removal of algae.
Clean dnone the bottom of the aquarium accumulate impurities, which lead to the deterioration of water - the waste products of fish and snails, uneaten food, rotting plant debris. Remove them with a siphon – rubber or plastic hose with a tip on one side and pear on the other. Collect the dregs, carefully avoiding the plants. If a lot of dirt, lightly press the soil to remove the chronic accumulation between the rocks. Wait for the sedimentation of dregs and repeat the procedure.
Clean filtrate should as clogging. If you notice changes in the pumping of water, loosen the sponge from the accumulated dirt in them. Remove the fillings and wash with copious amounts of water, without using detergents. To restore the free flow of water clean the nozzle filter of mucus with the help of a toothbrush. Hold on to it for 2-3 minutes under a strong stream of cold water to remove any remaining film.
Clean dekoratiiv the aquarium is polluted not only the sides and bottom, but also darken the scenery. For the attractiveness of the underwater world using various items: rocks, corals, ceramics, driftwood, plastic plants. Work on their cleaning depends on the material of scenery and extent of contamination. The green patina on the objects made of plastic and unbaked clay scour stiff sponge. The blackened driftwood, you can bring back the original look, if you clean it with a paste of baking soda. To do this, remove it from the water and sprinkle lots of powder. Half an hour later, clean the white pulp with the surface using a stiff brush and thoroughly rinse the driftwood. You can remove the overgrown algae using a bleaching agent. Place the blackened stones, corals, ceramics in a solution (1 part of "White":10 parts water) bleaching agent for 1-2 hours. Then at least an hour, rinse the decorations in tap water to eliminate odor.
Replacing modupe clean soil together with dirt has been drained of the water. If the aquarium has live plants, inspect them and remove the yellow stems. Dilute pooled water, not forgetting that a fresh portion should not exceed 15-20% of the total volume of the aquarium.