The whites of the eyes can change their color as a result of certain diseases. Therefore, it is highly recommended to complete a comprehensive examination. And its results to start treatment.
If the survey is not shown you have serious health problems, pay special attention to your diet. If your diet contains large amounts of spicy, salty, fried and fatty foods – probably this is the reason for yellow eyes. In addition, the color of the whites of the eyes is affected by tobacco and alcohol.
It is strongly recommended to exclude from the diet fried and fatty meals. Do not overdo with salt and pepper and try to quit drinking and Smoking. Eat vegetables and fruits rich in vitamin C, take a multivitamin. At the pharmacy you can buy inexpensive but sufficiently effective eye drops that soothe the eye. They will help to bring your proteins up.
Books read only in good light, and also reduce the amount of time spent at the computer. If you need to work spend a lot of time behind the monitor, periodically take a rest from it and do not forget to do exercises that help your eyes to relax.
To get rid of yellowness and restore the natural color of the eyes, are not in the room with extremely dry air, less than watching TV and sleep well. Morning and evening, wipe a piece of ice from the decoction of chamomile the skin around the eyes. Due to this, it will look fresher and healthier.
Simultaneously with addressing the root causes of the yellowing whites of the eyes, you can hide this deficiency by using suitable cosmetics. When applying makeup, refrain from bright, especially Reds and yellows.
Circle lower eyelid pearl pencil with a white shade, also don't forget to pay attention to uniformity of color of the skin on the face. Tinted moisturizer apply to face, blending it evenly. Ink, increase the volume, touch up eyelashes. This will help to divert attention from the whites of the eyes.