How to treat nevus of the conjunctiva

Nevus of the conjunctiva consists of the so-called birthmark cells with ectodermal origin. It manifests itself in the form of pigmentary deposits (dark spots) or local irritation. The degree of pigmentation may be different, the spots can be brown shades (from reddish-brown to the color of dark chocolate). Sometimes there are nevi, are very poor pigment. Such spots have a yellowish color and often are transformed into cysts. In some cases the nevi are flat, sometimes they are slightly raised above the surface of the conjunctiva.

Basically the size of the nevus does not change throughout life, but in some cases it can cause malignant degeneration. Treatment of naevus of the conjunctiva is prescribed mainly for cosmetic purpose. Other indications are irritation, suspicion of malignant degeneration stains. The removal of the nevus is performed by using surgery.

Treatment of melanosis

Dark spots along the inside of the eyes may indicate melanosis. The disease can be congenital or acquired, the accumulation of melanin pigment is observed in the sclera and choroid. Spots may have light purple, grey. Most often it is a disease caused by metabolic disorders. For treatment, the patient can assign hormone therapy, intake of vitamin C. Sometimes melanosis of the eye appears as a result of inflammatory process that can be successfully treated with anti-inflammatory drugs.

In this disease, it is recommended to adhere to the norms of the diet. In the diet should limit the amount of sweet, refined cereals, white bread, foods containing starch. It is recommended to avoid fatty, salty dishes, spices, coffee, strong tea. The diet should include fish, seafood, leafy vegetables, eggs, cereal whole grains, citrus fruits, nuts, honey. Will be useful for daily eye massage, which is to be performed for 2 minutes a day. This will be quite a bit of tapping with the fingertips at the covered eyes and the area around them. This procedure will help to regulate blood circulation.

If the melanosis is caused by inflammation of remedy, you can use the recipes of traditional medicine. You need to pour two tablespoons of cornflower blossoms (without baskets) Cup boiling water, leave to infuse for two hours, then strain and use for lotions to the eye area. They should be done daily for five days. You can wash eyes with a decoction of oak bark. For its preparation you will need two tablespoons of raw materials and 500 ml of hot water. Raw material is poured with water and boil on low heat for half an hour. The resulting broth is filtered and used for washing eyes.