Advice 1: How to teach a dog to bark

Almost all the owners want in the house had a dog-protector, which can alert them with a bark if the door fit strangers. And how can you teach a dog to bark?
How to teach a dog to bark
You will need
  • Vacuum cleaner, Hairdryer, a favorite toy, a piece of something delicious, musical instrument, brave enough familiar clothing, familiar to the handler.
Dogs are usually sensitive to extraneous noise: vacuum cleaner, Hairdryer. When these noisy appliances you need to give the dog the command "Voice". Subsequently, the dog will independently respond to the command.
Try it yourself "bark" at the dog and cause her a reaction.
Slam. As a rule, clap your hands (loud sound), as well as the whistle, the tramp is the dog growling or barking.
Take the dog toy and not give up until she won't start barking. Show me something tasty or a favorite ball, tease and don't give up until she lost patience, not barks. Then apply the team and praise for its implementation, give that hid. The time to apply command when the dog is mouth opened, but has not yet barked. With multiple repetitions, the dog will soon understand what you want from it. Reward the dog for each command some delicacy.
If you want to teach a dog to bark at strangers, persuasion your friend to simulate an attack. In this case, the dog will understand that she needs to protect that expensive. Don't forget that to complete this required item of clothing!
Try to grab the dog with your fingers along or pretend that you want to click it on his forehead.
Many dogs react to certain sounds of musical instruments, some dogs howl, bark and other. Such musical instruments include a children's tune, flute, harmonica, various whistles.
Please consult with your handlers. They are experts in this field and will surely be able to find the right approach to your pet.
Can also resort to the help of the helper. This is the person with which the dog is trained to bark at strangers. The defendant was angry the dog in different ways and will cause thereby the desired behavior.

Advice 2 : How to teach a dog commands is "Voice", "Sit", "Lie"

Training any pet, it is advisable to start in puppyhood. It was during this period laid the foundations of the relationship with the dog. To teach the dog commands can be yourself, but when you first experience it is better to begin work under the supervision of the instructor-the cynologist.
How to teach a dog commands is "Voice", "Sit", "Lie"

How to teach your dog the command "Voice"

Sometimes you want the dog began to bark on your command. The voting is being tested at the moment of the game, as most teams. Playing with your pet, for example, in a ball, periodically say "Voice" wait for his spontaneous barking and then vigorously and joyfully praise the dog saying, "vote, Vote!", give a treat (small piece of cheese, dried liver).

Repeat the process until complete consolidation of the team. It is important to change the toy and situation excitement, the dog is not tied up praise from you with the game, and saw a direct link between your team, barking and reward.

How to teach your dog the "Sit"command

The classical training of this command is as follows. In hand take the treat, pet shows, but not given. The hand with the treat is written above the dog's head, the cue "Sit" while the other hand presses down on the rump of the dog, forcing the dog to sit. As soon as she sits, a treat is given immediately follows the tumultuous praise repeat komandy.

Currently, the handlers prefer to use the contactless option training this command. That is, the pressure on the sacrum is not possible, simultaneously with the utterance of the command "Sit", the hand with the treat over her head entered and served a little forward so that the dog was forced to throw back it back, not taking his eyes off the Goodies. In this position for the dog will naturally sit, which she did. There is need to give the treat and praise your pet.

How to teach your dog the command "down"

The command "down" forgot to bring their pet on a similar methodology. The dog is shown the treat held in your left hand, then the hand falls to the floor, at the same time there is a command "to Lie" and the right hand presses on the withers of the dog, thereby forcing her to lie down. Once the desired position is reached, the treat is given immediately and is followed by praise, interspersed with the repetition of the learn command "Down".

Beginners (and not only) in the course of the training often make the mistake of allowing the dog to take any sort of recumbent posture. We can not allow pet lying flopped over on his side, we need a clear position: feet forward, muzzle on paws. Correct the dog as many times as necessary, and let us treat only for proper execution.

It is important to know

To repeat the training every team needs 4-5 times for one approach during the day for fixing need to do about 3-4 approaches. To begin teaching any command you need before feeding, to the praise of delicacy, had a strong positive effect. Learning new commands after testing the previous one.

Similarly, it is possible to teach an adult dog commands. But in this case it is expected will require more time, patience and perseverance. If a pet with obvious abnormalities in behavior, any training it is advisable to coordinate with the instructor-cynologist. In General, to teach the dog commands can be 3-5 days, depending on breed, age of your pet and your perseverance.

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