Purchase a sufficient amount of piping or make it yourself. This bias cut long strips with a width of 3-4 cm, sew them, put the slices on the diagonal, fold the edges in different directions. Mark the middle along the entire length, fold and Tutuila.
Back from one end of the oblique bakey 0.5-1 cm, fold it inside, Tutuila. This region will begin.
Place the bias tape on the reverse side of the product that must be processed, so that its front side against the wrong side of the fabric. Align the edge of the neck with a bent end borders. Run a basting stitch along the entire length of the treated area. Edges of the shoulder seams need to stretch in different directions. When the end of the neck will remain 2-3 cm, cut and bake with a margin of 0.5-1 cm, fold the rest inside, make the basting, secure the thread.
Remove the bake that it is lapped relative to the front of the unit.
Fold about 0.5-1 cm from the long cut bakey inside, run a basting stitch on the front side. Try to keep the width of the ribbon on both sides were the same, it is easier for you to work on the sewing machine, and the product will look neater.
Use a sewing machine. On the front side for basting the seam lay in the usual place. Hide the ends. Remove the basting.
Carefully sew both sides of the bend piping on both sides of the neck. If the wrong side of the line did not pass the edge of the tape, a few stitches will catch it. If machine seam went too deep inside and the edge of the borders can tagnuts and Stripping the cut, it is better to rip off the part and all to do again, as gently mask the error using a regular needle will not work.
If you are using a quality slash bake with pressed bends, you can immediately place it on the neck so that it covers the edge of the item, and lay a basting stitch from the front side, and then duplicate it on the machine.