Stand on right leg, left foot put on the right knee, hands pull ahead. Exhale maximally sit on right leg on the inhale straighten your knee. Do at least 10 squats. Repeat the exercise on the left leg.
Stand straight with hands on waist, legs together. Exhaling, bend your left leg and pull the knee as close to your chest. Lifting a leg, point the toes on, and tighten it. On the inhale put your left foot on the floor. Repeat the exercise with the right leg. Do at least 15 lifts for each leg.
Place feet shoulder width apart, hands pull ahead. Exhaling, sit down, tailbone pull back, hold in position when the thigh parallel to the floor. On the inhale straighten up. Do 20 sit-UPS.
The feet as widely as possible, hands put on hips. Climb on your toes, shins in addition you will be highly reduced, follow all the exercise without dropping the heels on the floor. Sit down, tailbone pull back. On the inhale stand up. Exercise perform 20 – 30 times.
Stand up straight, hands put on the belt. With the exhale, make a lunge, bending the right leg at the knee. Within 15 – 20 seconds Prudente on it. On the inhale stand up straight. Then make you exhale lunge to the left and repeat the spring motion. Perform 20 lunges in each direction.
Lie on your stomach, hands extend along the body, the chin put on the floor. Exhaling, lift up your right leg, hold it for 10 seconds. On the inhale place foot on the floor. Then lift up exhale left foot and repeat delay. Make at least 10 lifts each leg.
Lie on your right side, arm position as you wish. On the inhale lift the left leg up, pull the sock itself. For 2 - 3 minutes do springing movements, quickly raising and lowering his leg. Exhaling, lower your leg, turn over on your left side and repeat the exercise on the right leg.