Starting to exercise, remember that the main thing here is discipline. If you decide to exercise, do not let yourself indulgences and don't delay training for tomorrow, if today for whatever reason you do not want to do. Also watch your diet: do not immediately after all exercises to pounce on the food, so you will not lose weight. Wait an hour or two, but then don't overuse products containing fats and carbohydrates. But protein foods will not aggravate the stomach and help you become slimmer.
Begin the training with a short workout. Make head turns, tilts down and to the sides, torso twists, light stretching, rotation stop. This will help to warm up muscles to prepare them for a more powerful load and to protect yourself from unnecessary sprains and injuries. Remember, the exercises are performed from the top down: first the arms, shoulders and chest, then press and then thighs and legs.
Well to pump up press help twisting in the supine position, when the elbow of one hand need to try to get the bent knee of the opposite leg. If you have decided not to do this simple exercise on a pressthat was performing in school, make sure his feet were firmly fixed on the floor and did not come off during the raising of the body. The load should increase gradually. Alternate exercises for the upper and lower press: a simple lifting of trunk with raising of straightened legs from a prone position. All exercises are performed several sets with short rest.
If you have wall bars, she will become a faithful assistant to improve muscle press. Need to raise legs 15 times that the angle was 90 degrees. Since the back will be set against the solid timbers of the wall, this will allow the body to relax and exercise will bring its benefit. You can also bend the legs at the knees, pulling them to his chest.
A good transition from the muscles to the pressand to the muscles of the legs will be the exercise "Bicycle". Starting position - lying on back, arms stretched along the body. Raise your legs at an angle of about 90 degrees and begin "pedaling". Try to perform an exercise like the push, you can use ankle weights. As you feel tension in the calf muscles and the pressand, within minutes, still do the exercise, then relax.
The easiest way to pump up the legs at home – squats. Put them at shoulder width, keep back was straight and his knees did not go beyond the foot. Can be a few seconds to linger at the bottom, then straighten up. For the first time will be enough twenty sit-UPS should gradually increase the load up to a hundred sit-UPS. Well pump foot will help and the exercise bike. Start with 250-300 rpm at low load, then gradually increase. Also keep the back straight and the seat set so that his legs straightened completely.
The beneficial effects of exercise ballerinas, rises on his toes and plies. Expand foot to the side. Holding on to the back of the chair, make a gentle half squat, hold this position and return to starting position. 15-20 times a day – and will be beautiful not only legsbut also the buttocks. And lifts on tiptoe to do to tension in the muscles, then give your feet a rest.
In General, a good impact on the legs, a press and generally all muscle groups have running and dancing. Turn on your favorite radio station, run a few laps around the stadium, or dance at least half an hour a day. By the way, the dance can be done with a warm-up before beginning exercise program. And after a few weeks your tummy and feet will become beautiful and sexy.