Collect all required proof that the employer pays you a "black" salary. Information can be obtained from public sources or to treat the so-called "creative evidence" (e.g., audio and video recordings of your talks).
Gather evidence from public sources of information, namely:
- vacancy announcement in the media on which you found the work;
- information of state statistics Committee about the approximate level of income from work in your specialty in a specific region;
- data on average wages, derived from professional associations (if your specialty requires its presence);
- payroll sheets and copies of statements;
envelopes with your name (and names of your co-workers) that the employer laid out the salary;
- other documents proving that the employer led a double entry bookkeeping (completed work orders, notes of the head with his drawn up for the chief accountant, etc.);
help real size of wages, certified by the accounting Department. In order to get it, refer, for example, that you are going to get credit. But if you already had a conflict with the leadership or you are constantly detained the salary, to obtain such a statement would be problematic.
Collect audio and video materials so they can be added to the case and use when questioning witnesses. For example, conduct a survey among employees, achieve a guarantee of the Union, etc.).
Please contact the tax authorities and the court, attaching to the claim, all the evidence collected. If you make a request for recovery of the amount of wage arrears, ask the court to require your leadership to issue a contract of employment, which must be given a real amount of salary. Does not state their claims for compensation for moral damage since in this situation it is impractical.