You will need
  • On-Board computer, instructions and user manual wiring diagram, a few screwdrivers for fastening the temperature sensor.
You must first decide what you need the computer in the car. It can perform a wide range of functions. It can act as a multimedia center, that is, will be used to produce high quality music, movies and television channels. You can also install a simple computerthat will inform you about the technical condition of the car. If you decided to install such a simple computer, you need to purchase it. To do this, visit the special shops where the sellers will be able to tell you which model is best suited. Now on the market a wide range of different models. You need to choose the model that best fit the criteria of price and quality. Also check the user manual for your machine. Very often the manufacturer indicates it is the model recommended for installation.
After the acquisition of the on-Board computerand carefully read the instructions and the user manual that came in the kit. They will help you all the detailed wiring diagrams. In torpedo VAZ 2114 has already provided a regular place for installation, which is closed by this cap. Carefully remove this plug, it rests on the plastic mounts. Try not to break them as in the future when selling the car you can remove the onboard computer and install it in another vehicle as the on-Board computers is usually universal and can work on various car models.
Now you need to thread all the wires in normal place and put them on the bottom of the dashboard. In VAZ 2114 has provided regular 9-pin on-Board computer. It is to him you will be connecting your new computer. After withdraw the plugs look this 9-pin connector. Now you need to connect all the wires to the onboard computerand a standard connector according to the enclosed instructions. You will also have to find the DLC. It is located in the lower part of the dashboard near the tunnel floor. Connect the cable from the computerand to the DLC.
It only remains to connect and install the external temperature sensor. Usually he connects the wire that is coloured blue. This wire must be installed in the fourth slot of the onboard computer. The sensor itself need to get under the hood and carefully there to fix. Note that the standard sensor will not be used. It now remains to turn on the computer. Should start primary self-diagnosis. Then please configure your computerand.