You will need
  • - screwdrivers;
  • - wrench set;
  • - the instruction manual for your car.
Read the instruction manual for your car. It must be indicated detailed instructions for dismantling the onboard computer and its operation. If you have no manual, then visit the forum dedicated to your model of VAZ. There you can find detailed information and testimonials from those who have removed on-Board computer.
Check about the warranty with an employee of the salon where you bought your car. Some dealers are depriving buyers of guarantees for independent removal of pre-installed equipment.
On cars VAZ of the tenth family and the Priors for removing computer, you must first disassemble the radio. To do this, open the hood and remove the negative terminal from the battery. This will disconnect the onboard power supply system and will eliminate the possibility of short circuit.
Remove the outer panel of the radio by pressing the open button. At the end of the radio there are four holes. Paste the special keys and click on them until they stop.
Pull the body of the radio itself. Completely pull out the entire radio. Gently detach the back side of all pads wires. Insert your hand into the hole, in which stood a radio, find the back of the unit on-Board computer mounts, open them carefully and hit on the body itself.
Remove the Board computer from its slot, unplug from the back side of all the wires. If you do not plan the installation of the new border, then interlock all the wiring for connecting plastic harness, and the hole close standard plastic plug.
Remove all additional devices that were connected to the onboard computer. For example, the antenna and popmonitor. Connect the unit and install it on a regular place in the reverse order.