You will need
  • - video cable.
Examine the connections present in the TV and the video card of the computer. Latest device generally have VGA ports, DVI and HDMI. Older models of video cards found an S-Video connector. Modern TVs equipped with SHARP ports SCART, HDMI, VGA and DVI (rare). Select similar or interchangeable ports.
Purchase the appropriate video cable. Remember that there are special adapter that allows to connect the following pairs of ports: VGA and SCART, VGA and DVI, HDMI and DVI. Of course, if you connect the TV to the computer it makes more sense to use digital channels signal transmission, such as DVI and HDMI. Make the connection of the video card of the computer and the corresponding connector on the TV.
Turn on both hardware. Go to the settings menu of TV, go to responsible for appointing channel video input mode. Specify the port to which you connected the cable.
Now set the parameters of the video card of the computer. First, determine which display (TV or monitor) would be the primary. Remember that it will initially run applications and programs. So, if you want to run games on the TV screen, the key you want to assign this display. Open the settings menu of the graphics card.
Select the graphic image of the selected device and activate the checkbox "Make this main display". Now specify the second screen. For efficient simultaneous use of TV and monitor is recommended to select "Extend this screen".
Launch any application, e.g. Internet browser. Move the mouse cursor over the border of the main display. To avoid compatibility problems between devices, set the same resolution for both screens.