Inspect the handle, which controls the wiper, the so-called "wipers". In the end placed controls on-Board computerom. One of them is the function selector and Reset - reset button, or reset all data of the border.
Turn on the ignition. First press the Reset button and hold it for at least two seconds. Therefore, put to zero the counters absolute and average fuel consumption, and amount of time of movement and average vehicle speed.
Reset to zero the indicators on-Board computerand which signal exceeding the limit of time spent behind the wheel. Fix the Reset button one short press. Similarly, clear indicators, signaling the need for refilling.
Reset all data on-Board computer. Disconnect the battery terminal and wait some time, at least a few minutes - at least ten.
Reset the data in BK, in the absence of the Reset button, for example, BMW body E38 and E39. Go to the hidden functions of a computer. Simultaneously press the two keys "1000" and "10". The screen will display "TEST". Enter the code 19 Lock additional functions" and press SET/RES. Depending on locked hidden feature or not, appears LOCK:ON or LOCK:OFF.
When LOCK ON first make unlock. Click the "DATE" that displays the current date, for example, 15:12, respectively the day and month. Add the numbers 15+12=27, where 27 – will be the code to unlock hidden functions. Now using the function 19 and entered code, select between lock and unlock. Then enter code 21 – Reset all errors, as well as BK and zero data.