You will need
  • - svich;
  • - network cables.
In the case where it is necessary to adjust the connecting three or more computers to one Internet line, you can use a network hub (switches). Purchase this device and one additional network card.
Connect the AC adapter to the computer connected to the Internet. Install the driver for this hardware. Configure the connection to the Internet, using the recommendations of your provider.
Connect with a predetermined network hub with a second network card of the computer and network adapters of other computers. If you use unmanaged switches, and this is very reasonable because the configuration of the ports you don't need that LAN channels play no role.
Open the settings for the second network card of the host computer. In the properties of Internet Protocol TCP/IPv4 prescribe a fixed (static) IP address Go to properties of Internet connection. Open the tab "Access". Allow all LAN computers to use this Internet connection. Select the local networkformed by the network hub.
Open settings of the network adapter any other computer. Go to TCP/IPv4. Enter the following values for important items in this menu:- – IP-address;
- – Subnet mask (determined by the system);
- – default gateway;
- – Preferred DNS server.Save settings this menu.
Configure the settings for the network adapters of other computers similar to the previous step, each time replacing the last segment of the field "IP address". Reconnect to the Internet on the host computer. Make sure that the Internet access on all other devices.