You will need
  • - the user manual for air conditioning;
  • - warm water;
  • a filter strip.
When operating the air conditioner, pay attention to symptoms that may directly or indirectly indicate that the device needs maintenance. In most cases prevention is required when the machine starts weak to cool the room.
Check whether the device warm air, not frosting if the radiator of the indoor unit. Sometimes traces of frost may appear on the nuts. Indicator to consider for maintenance is the odor from the air conditioner.
To prevent air conditioning problems, always remember the maintenance of the temperature mode in which the device can operate. Eliminate the maximum modes that are particularly fast output device to malfunction.
Periodically clean the filter of the indoor unit samisayshi the radiator from dust. With a strong dusty space install the indoor unit special pads that make the filter thinner.
To clean the filter of the indoor unit wash it is not a very strong stream of warm water. Conduct such a procedure at least once in two weeks, and if the dust in the room is higher than normal, then even more often.
For violation of the rules of operation specified in the technical manual, it is possible clogging of the drainage system and the appearance of the water leakage. Also deteriorates heat exchange with the radiator, it appears the ice. Therefore, always ensure that no air filter was not maintained. Otherwise, the device will have to pay for repair service.
Maintenance of the outdoor unit and complete prevention of the air conditioning system requires qualification. So be sure to sign a contract for service with a specialized organization. Maintenance work is usually carried out twice a year.