This blue blow flies, green flesh flies, flies, zhigalki, horse flies and many others. If you use all the familiar chemicals, it is possible to fight with the flies, but this struggle is ongoing, and for all manner of flies will not get rid of. As soon as the flies appear again, then again it is necessary to use these means of destruction. As a result, the flies produced by the resistance to such means, and they just do not react to them.

To get rid of flies, you can use any traditional methods. This can be, for example, Velcro. If no purchase Velcro, you can prepare yourself. To do this, the adhesive mass is applied to a sheet of heavy paper or parchment. Leaving it a few inches for attaching it hung at the desired location.

So, to prepare the mixture for the Velcro, you can choose any of the following recipes:

1. Rosin (66 grams) melted and gently inserted the wax in an amount of 3 grams. There is added the solution prepared in a water bath of the following ingredients: mineral oil 50ml, natural rubber 0.05 Gy. (previously finely cut). This mixture smeared retains stickiness for 2-3 months.

2. In capacity of 0.5 litres, melted 90g rosin. There, while stirring, is added 30 grams of any vegetable oil (linseed, castor, cotton, etc.). At the end of cooking you can add a teaspoon of any flavoring syrup (or honey).

The Velcro strip can also be replaced with toxic paper that looks like the following:

1. In 100 ml. of water is necessary to dissolve 0.1 g. saccharin and 10 gr. honey.

2. 50 ml of milk to dissolve 10 gr. of sugar and 10 gr. ground black pepper.

3. In 0.5 liters of water dissolve 60 gr. sugar, potassium dichromate (60 gr.). The mixture is added to 50 ml of ethanol and 10 gr. of ground black pepper.

According to the composition moistened paper and placed on plates, the edges were free.

And you can, for example, is not to destroy the flies, but simply to scare them. For this purpose, you can refer to old recipes. So, one of them said that the most effective way to deter the flies are tansy flowers. Their flowers and stems emit an essential oil, a paralyzing physical bodies of these flying insects. And if the room put a bouquet of tansy, no flies in the room will not appear. When the flowers are dried they can be crushed in a mortar and applied to the paper, which is pre-lubricated with glue. These strips can be put on Windows, and thus to ward off flies. If you want to get rid of flies at the cottage or in the yard of a private house, where there are pit latrines, compost heap, it should be treated with a concentration of flies with a solution of Malathion (10 grams per one liter of water) or chlorine slurry (10 grams per one liter of water). In addition, you can use to achieve your goal and soap-kerosene solution.