After the cold weather come warm days, but the flies are not allowed to enjoy them properly. Of course, you can install the mosquito net, but it is not always effective to the same mesh impede the full flow of fresh air into the house. There are many tools in the fight against flies.


The most effective means in the fight against flies – this is a common chemical drugs. The most popular of them – aerosols "Dichlorvos" and "Trichlorfon". They are just poisoning the stream destroys insects. Treating spray room, some time you need to hold it closed, and then ventilate well.

Good help and plate for the fumigator. When the device is heated, the inserted plate starts to excrete toxic substances that kill the flies.

Flypaper – sticky tape. They are impregnated with a poisonous solution. This composition attracts flies to your smell, they sit down to tape, stick and die.


Recently appeared on the market ultrasonic scarers. The device examines waves of a certain frequency that can't hear people, and they are disagreeable to flies, and they simply fly as far as possible from the source. The ultrasonic device is well suited for enclosed spaces, but large open areas are useless.

Folk remedies

There are plants, the smell of which the flies cannot stand. These include first and foremost the tomato. Enough to put on the window sill with a few pots planted them with tomatoes – flies will fly away.

Also flies hate the smell of elderberry, fern, geranium, eucalyptus. You can lay around the house twigs of these plants or beautifully bound in bundles to hang. You can also put them in a vase. Geranium and fern can plant out in pots.

Even flies do not like the smell of Bay leaf and black pepper. These spices are finely ground, you can sprinkle on the windowsill, a gas stove – flies will disappear.

You can make a toxic mixture on their own. It is quite effectively helps in the fight against flies. Cooking it is not difficult and will not take much time. On slow fire to melt the resin (90 g) and add vegetable oil (30 g). Mixture mix well. Add a little honey or sugar. You can pour the mixture into an old saucer or unnecessary to impregnate the paper – would work in a similar store-bought sticky tape. To hang in places where lots of flies.