As winter homemade flies

The life of a housefly lasts usually no more than one month. Insects that live in late autumn, with the onset of cold weather changing very much. If the summer to catch a fly is no easy task, before the beginning of winter they become sluggish, sleepy and slow. The main task of the flies in this period is to find a safe shelter with an even temperature. Places of hibernation, insects usually are cracks in window frames, basements of buildings or balconies.
Opinion that the fall of the house flies start to bite – wrong. This kind of insects is absolutely not prone to such types of aggression. Bite human and other species of flies – the autumn of zhigalki.

Once the fly finds a place for the winter, it becomes dormant. All the biological processes of body of the insect stop for six months. With the onset of thaw the flies are slowly starting to Wake up and return to normal life.
Delayed insect larvae and pupae also in colds inactive. Similarly, the life processes begin to operate after normalization of temperature.

мыши ходы в земле

As winter street flies

и как зимуют ежики

Under the "street" refers to those flies and insects that inhabit the fields, gardens and orchards. The main diet of these representatives of the insect world – fruit and cereals, corn and grasses.
World flies are presented with numerous varieties, whose number exceeds one thousand. These insects are common on all continents, except Antarctica.

These flies overwinter in the ground. However, to hide properly, it is not always possible, so most of the flies die from the cold, and winter is only their larvae and cocoons. They hide usually in the stems of cereal crops or in the soil.

The first flies emerge from the larvae already at the onset of the thaw. Their awakening directly affects the air temperature. Brings together all kinds of flies, the fact that the female can lay eggs almost everywhere – in plants, soil, food waste, landfills and municipal trash. First, the eggs turn into larvae, and then through several molts are formed pupa from which the winged insects.

Before the onset of the cold female flies make the last egg laying. However, those larvae that did not manage to turn into insects, not dying, and fall asleep. They can survive almost any climatic conditions. Adults same individuals are often unable to cope with sudden frosts.