You will need
  • - completed application on changes in egrip or register;
  • receipt about payment of state duty;
  • - passport;
  • - power of attorney (not in all cases).
The easiest way to entrepreneurs. They are required only to fill in a statement of changes in egrip, to pay the legal costs and a statement, receipt and passport to contact the tax office. If your region of the sole proprietorship and firms engaged in individual inspection, other than that in which you are registered as a taxpayer, it is necessary to apply there. For example, in the capital these issues are dealt with by MIFNS number 46 in Moscow. To check which on should I contact you through the website of the FTS of the Russian Federation through the service "Spot inspection".
In the case of firm procedure depends on whether NACE codes in its Charter. If Yes, you have to make the introduction of the necessary changes. If there are several founders, this would require a Protocol of their General meeting with an appropriate solution. One enough his sole decision. Will have to prepare a new edition of the Charter with the changes and deliver it to the tax. In the regions the original is submitted in two copies in Moscow - complete with a copy, which was verified by the inspection. For certification will need to pay separate stamp duty.
To pay registration fee on behalf of the company with its current account. Receipt of payment by the physical person through the savings in tax can not accept it.
Entrepreneurs again easier. Those unable to pay the state duty through Sberbank on its behalf as individuals (Yes, the entrepreneur is nominally a legal entity and is not).
If the documents are in order, changes will be made within 10 days. After this period, you can get the tax office relevant extract from egrip or register, and in the territorial body of statistics help statistics about the codes including NACE.