Sales tax reporting codes

Indicated in certain fields reporting category codes designed to uniquely identify the taxpayer and to facilitate automated accounting. So bin stands for main state registration number. This is a unique number that is assigned to a legal entity when you make the primary details in the unified state register – the register. The bin number consists of 13 digits. The first digit - 1 if the data are recorded for the first time; and 2 – if they are revised. The next two digits is the year, when it was recorded, then the number of the region of the 2-digit and two-digit code of the registering authority: tax Inspectorate, which has given bin. The figures from 8-th to 12-th position – ordinal number of the record about the company in incorporation, the 13th digit is the control.

For tax reporting is used and transaxle – reason code of registration. It consists of 9 digits: the first two – the region code, the following two code tax inspections, then a two-digit reason code, and the last three digits in the serial number. Reason code 01 means that this is a Russian company registered at the place of its location. Codes: 02-05, 31 and 32 of the registration at the location of subsidiaries, 06-08 – by location of immovable property belonging to the company, 10-29 – check the location of vehicles. Code 30 means that the company is a withholding agent that is not on the account as the taxpayer. For foreign companies allocated codes 51-99.

Another tax code OKATO, acronym for all-Russian classifier of objects of administrative-territorial division. It helps to identify the company's place of location. This code must be shown on all financial and payment documents for transfer of taxes and other obligatory payments to the budget. If you specify an rcoad code incorrectly, the payment may be sent to the wrong place, threatening the company with fines and penalties for failure to comply with payment deadlines.

Codes of statistical accounting and reporting

Codes statistical reporting is also designed to simplify the automated processing of data registered in the territory of the Russian Federation enterprises. OKPO stands for all-Russian classifier of enterprises and organizations. It consists of 8 or 10 digits. This number is assigned during the registration process of the company after its registration statement to Rosstat. The numbers constituting the code refer to the main activity, which plans to take the company. In the case where this type of activity will change, the company obtains a new code of enterprise.