You will need
  • - the export Declaration of the seller;
  • - The commodity Nomenclature of foreign economic activity;
  • - standard documents;
  • - the contract with the customs broker.
Ask the seller of the goods, which customs code is shown in the export Declaration. If the country of the manufacturer from whom you purchase product, there is an international system TOS, the first six digits of the HS code for the imported item should be the same. In practice you can face a situation when the seller does not declare the exported goods or the customs inspectors do not agree with the specified code.
Attempt to understand the principles of classification of the product and determine the HS code. Carefully read the Commodity Nomenclature of foreign economic activity: it has a tree structure, the top of which the "Sections". Each title section characterizes the industry that produces imported your product or products. It is followed by "Group", formed with the raw materials used to manufacture the product, the degree of processing products, as well as functionality of the product. Then submitted "headings" followed by "Commodity subposition" and the subsequent detailed classification. Essential help you will have a "notes" which contain "Sections" and "Groups": specify, what product can be attributed to this category and what is not.
Will receive the classification decision of Federal Customs service. Your right to receive this official permission is regulated by at least two normative documents: the Order of the FCS of the Russian Federation No. 951 from 01.08. 2008. as well as the order of the state customs Committee of Russia No. 388 of 23.04. 2001.
Use the services of a customs broker who will make the customs code in the customs Declaration. Be sure to enclose this in a proper face of the contract, which would specify the liability for incorrectness of the classification of goods.