Go to the official website of the Federal Tax Service. Select the region and city of registration you are interested in the firm. Then enter in the window the address of the company. You will see page with list of companies. If the firm is dummy, then the specified address was not one company or firm not listed in the database. If the address really was interested in you, then everything is fine.
Take advantage of regional Internet resource on and check all kinds of black lists. In these sections you can view a list of dummy companies, companies who did not submit reports and did not pay taxes. However, this method of verification can not be considered absolutely reliable, as it is unknown how often the database is updated.
You can contact the local Department of the tax service and request an extract from the state register. However, this service will cost you 200 rubles. Interesting information on provide you with within 5 days. If the accuracy of the data provided to you as a potential partner needs to get faster, make an urgent request. Provide information on the following day, but will have to pay 400 rubles.
Go to the commercial reference Agency, which cooperates with the IRS and make a request for inspection. 'These companies can be viewed on the official website of the tax service. The cost of the service varies from 400 to 800 rubles. Data may be given within 20 minutes.
Contact your local police Department and make a request to check the Director of the organization in the list of persons who have no right to occupy senior positions. This service costs 100 and lasts for 5 days.
Ask your potential partner to provide you with copies of the constituent documents. The Charter of the enterprise, the data on registration and statement on the account are considered public documents and shall not represent any trade secrets. Refusal to provide information should alert you.