Cleaning should start as early as possible until the smell is ingrained very deeply in the surface. Most importantly, as soon as possible to make all fire affected objects to remove the surviving curtains and carpets (they may need to be dry-cleaned), clean walls, ceilings and floors, the smell of the less absorbent the surfaces, the better. Ideally you should leave the concrete box, no Wallpaper, baseboards and drywall walls.
Then proceed to General cleaning. If you remove all burnt particles of soot and soot, and an unpleasant smell will be much less, and it will be easier to handle. Use a stiff brush and various cleaning agents. Popular rumor advises to wash all the weak solutions of lime, professionals use the American brand, the Butcher's – the Shockwave, the German detergents GERUCH-EX (Geroch-Eiks) the company HWR-CHEMIE (HWR-CHEMIE), Hodrupa A or Break Down, but such funds are not sold in common shops, it is very concentrated and before applying it is best to consult with representatives of the manufacturer.
If professional tools are not available to you, after cleaning coat the walls and floor primer a few times, it will clog the pores and will prevent the spread of odors.
When fire consequences not so disastrous, and full repairs are required, remove the odor will help ordinary candles. Light them in the room for a few hours, they'd burn the volatile particles that create odour. Also strong smells, including Gary, labels, animals, etc., derive a variety of means, such as Torgon" and other means, they often can be bought in pet stores.

We wish you success and a life without fire.