You will need
  • - Air ionizer,
  • - vinegar,
  • - the sheets or towels,
  • - rags
  • - coffee beans.
If you do not deal with the smell of Gary in the apartment, it must have cleared itself within two weeks. But not everyone likes to inhale this unpleasant smell, which is also harmful to health. At the moment you can see in the sale of so-called ionizer, which will help to clean the air space of the apartment just one night. But this device will have to pay not one thousand roubles, so you can use other, simpler methods.
The first thing you need to throw away the burnt stuff (they are a source of spreading odor Gary), especially if they are not subject to restoration and repair, or to remove the smell of Gary in the apartment will be very difficult. If you decide to leave things for later recovery, or wash them carefully wash and put on the balcony for weathering. Open doors and Windows in order to cause a draft. If the apartment has air conditioning, better turn it on.
Take a large saucepan and fill three quarters full with water, put on fire and, without boiling, add a third of a bottle of ordinary vinegar, which is surely available in the kitchen of every housewife. Reduce the heat, open all the Windows and can safely go for a walk while the mixture is boiling on your stove. After this time the smell of Gary will literally disappear in an unknown direction. This method is tested by many mistresses, and believe me – it works.
A damp cloth has the ability to absorb the smell of smoke and Gary. It's enough to wet towels or sheets and hang them on every door. Periodically moisten the towels as they dry. The effectiveness of this method is still quite large. But in this method, removal of odor Gary has one significant disadvantage - with sheets and towels will likely have to say goodbye.
Be sure to spend spring cleaning the house. Wash all furniture, floors, carpets and walls. Rags then it is advisable to throw away. Wash all clothing and curtains. The rooms to place the saucer with the coffee beans, they will help to neutralize the smell of Gary in the apartment.