You will need
  • Special cleaning products, warm water, sponge, cushion, high-pressure apparatus
For cleaning surfaces after fires use special cleaning products, for example, means "Purifier of the facade No. 2". This composition eliminates surface traces of soot and reduces the concentration of carcinogenic products of combustion at the surface layer of finishing materials several times.
Means hydrate in a concentration of about 20% or more, it depends on the degree of contamination. Keep in mind that the amount of concentrate is about 1 liter per 40 sq. m. surface.
Apply onto the surface with a clean brush or high-pressure apparatus (apparatus type Karcher, the principle of which is similar apparatus for motor vehicle). Soak the medium for 5-7 minutes. After removal of soot used the product rinse with water. When washing by hand, with brushes product consumption could double. For the most difficult areas with strong pollution, use a re-finish.
When you remove traces from fires burning significant quantities of organic matter and abundant fat deposits soot of organic origin use alkaline medium "BJ-20". Dilute it in warm water in a concentration of 15%. Apply the product onto the surface or equipment with a sponge, roller or high pressure washer. After 2-3 minutes, rinse with clean water.
To restore the color and finishing materials as a result of exposure to high temperatures at the final stage of the work, perform the tinting cleaning solutions special dyes.
In addition to traces of soot after a fire is almost always required to remove the unpleasant smell of burning. Use special deodorants, for example, "Custdata". The specified product does not clog the smell of burning, and has the property to break the molecule of a chemical compound that causes the smell. Simply add water and apply with a brush, roller or by spray on walls, ceilings and floors. After drying, the solution, perform the finishing work.