The first step is to open all the Windows and doors in the house. If in apartment there are air conditioners or air purifiers, it is necessary to do the opposite - to close Windows and doors and turn on the devices.
It is advisable to throw out all things that burned, if they cannot be repaired or restored so as to eliminate the smell of Gary in the apartment, without doing so, it will be difficult, they are a constant source of proliferation. Things renovated or thoroughly cleaned should be thoroughly aired, to do this, use the balcony or loggia.
It is known that wet tissue has the ability to absorb the smell of Gary , or smoke. You can use this feature by taking an old bed sheet, wet it and hanged in the apartment. When it dries, it is advisable to rinse it and the second time to do the same procedure. The effectiveness of this method much more than any other.
Alternatively, you can use aerosol that eliminates the smell of Gary, but considering their artificial origin should not get involved in this method, to preserve the health of people and animals in the house much more important.
The next step is thorough cleaning of the apartment, wash the walls, ceiling, furniture, Windows and doors. If you have a steam cleaner, it will help to get to inaccessible places and facilitate cleaning. When washing, add water, a little vinegar, the smell will be felt less.
Without washing things that were not hidden in closets, not enough. Carpets should be carefully cleaned, after washing and wet cleaning would not be amiss again to aerate things, curtains and bedspreads.
If, however, after all procedures done to eliminate the smell of Gary in the apartment could not have to engage in cosmetic repair, change the wall-paper and upholstery.