So, cleaning the apartment or room after such unpleasant incidents is as follows:- collection and removal of garbage and burnt residues;
- mechanical cleaning of walls, furniture like layer of soot;
- cleaning of walls and furniture;
- treatment of all surfaces from floor to ceiling with the purpose to get rid of the smell.
Of course, most of these operations will manage the cleaning company, has a special reagent, neutralizing the smell of Gary, equipment, namely, videosamy, vacuum cleaners, steam cleaners, high pressure washers, ozone generators and so on. As for the process, first comes the expert in cleaning, which determines the volume of works and their cost. Of course, this service is not cheap, so you can try to cope on their own, even more so to spoil something that is already unlikely.
If the collection of debris and mechanical cleaning of all clear, how to get rid of the unpleasant smell that can firmly survive in the apartment more than one year? There are several ways.
The most radical overhaul, with the replacement of plaster, wooden flooring with audit lag. In this case, even after removal of waste materials, you need all surfaces before beginning finishing work to process alcohol or alcohol-containing solutions. Then the wall putty, flooring laid and the room is decorated. However, even in this case you need a regular airing.
If you have only burned a pot of food, in this case, you must wash all surfaces with a soap solution to wash away the soot, which is the source of the smell by Gary. The soot is easier to rinse soda solution (calcified, not baking soda). Then, you should put a wide bowl of water on the fire, the water pour vinegar, toss herbs (peppermint, Melissa, lavender, chamomile, thyme) and pokipyatit. Couples that will stand out, will absorb the unpleasant odor.
Another option is to place on the premises of rag, soaked in vinegar. They effectively absorb any smells. Need to change them every two hours. As adsorbents it is possible to use cat litter, wet sawdust. They just scattered on the floor, and after a while sweep.
Ventilation also gives a good result. Open the balcony door, window and exit the room. It will create a free flow of air which will carry the smell of Gary.